From the 1990's I've been working as a designer, engineer, and builder. My work has always followed my life long interest. My earliest work was designing, engineering and manufacturing wrist watches. That work was comprehensive in that I produced all parts of the watches. The movement I developed through a contact in Switzerland. Starting in that world of relentless precision and the varieties of manufacturing process and the specialized materials set me on a course of holistic understanding of how to design and manufacture complicated products. In the following decades I’ve pursued many exciting and demanding projects and I believe my methodologies have been well proven and well honed. I look forward to continuing to being part of new projects.

My  interest have been steady and lifelong. I have many but the main ones  are wristwatches, music, audiophile gear, industrial design, fine art,  interior spaces, furniture, and always a desire to design and make my  own!

I have vision and tenacity coupled with an ability to see innovations  that are simple, yet not obvious.